Health Professionals

How to get involved?


Currently the APAC MRDR is inviting all hospitals in Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and China who treat patients with myeloma or a related disease.

To contribute to the APAC MRDR, contact the APAC MRDR Project Team.

A Principal Investigator will need to be nominated to oversee the conduct of the study at your hospital. Most hospitals will also appoint a data manager to help with data collection.

Once Institutional Review Board approval has been obtained for your hospital, we will provide you the project materials and training on the database. You are then ready to start!

Benefits and Support


We understand that taking part in a registry can be challenging. To assist you, the APAC MRDR provides the following support and services:

  • A secure web-based database.
  • Ongoing support and training on the database.
  • Biannual hospital data reports which provide analyses of demographic and diagnostic data, therapies and outcomes. A comparison of the hospital with overall registry data is provided as hospitals’ data matures. This allows benchmarking and the potential to improve quality of care.
  • Access to your own hospital data so that you can monitor and evaluate local practice and identify improvement or learning opportunities.
  • Opportunity for professional networking and research development through annual meetings, participation in multicenter and/or collaborative studies, and the potential to develop your own supported research projects and analyses.